Pesaha Appam (INRI Appam) and Milk

Pesaha Appam


Rice flour-4cups
Uzhunnu-1 cup
Grated coconut-2cups
Chuvannulli – 6 nos
Velluthulli – 1

Preparation Method:

Grind soaked uzhunnu in a blender. Add to rice flour. Also grind coconut,chuvannulli&velluthulli in the blender with enough salt.

Add to the mixture. Mix well with the consistency of Vattayappam. Keep covered for an hour.

Cook in a steamer or “appachempu” like vattayappam.

Pesaha Milk


Coconut milk from a 1 coconut.

Jaggery(Sharkara)- as needed.

Preparation Method:

Melt Jaggery with 2 cups of water on the burner. Strain the mixture into big pot.

Mix jeera powder and ginger powder-half teaspoon each.

Make thin consistency of coconut milk.

Mix jaggery and coconut milk and let it boil, keep on medium for 10 minutes

Mix the mixture occasionally. Add rice powder mix and let it cook for 3 minutes.

Add jeera-ginger mix to the boiling mixture and remove from burner.

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